Control systems based on programmable logic controllers PLC are used in industry for many years already. With the passage of time their popularity increases in view of the wide-ranging cost optimization which can be obtained through their use. They allow to greatly simplify the installation of electricity and save often miles of cables. It should also be noted that PLCs are workers providing their services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without rest. In our offer you can find a variety of control systems for:

  • pumping stations,
  • wastewater treatment plants,
  • water treatment plants,
  • building management systems BMS,
  • boilers,
  • production lines (asphalt, concrete, food products),
  • machines (presses, bending machines, milling machines, lathes, crushers).

Tell us what you want to control, and we will present you a whole range of possibilities and solutions, with which he will be able to choose the optimal offer tailored to your needs.

“Smart House” – until recently was associated with something on which could afford only the wealthiest, mainly due to the very high cost of the purchase and implementation of control systems based on PLC, which were also rare and not popular. However, as time passes, under roofs of our homes appears more and more such devices. The biggest  popularity gain based on their control systems dedicated to boilers which are responsibles for central heating. Programmable Logic Controllers continuously control the relevant parameters, regulate feeders, fans, pumps. However, their application here does not end there. Our control systems are not only limited to the heating function. We try to meet all the needs of our individual clients in managing systems such as:

  • heating of buildings (CO),
  • heating and circulation domestic hot water (DHW),
  • systems of energy recovery from refrigeration equipment (mainly for heating DHW),
  • air conditioning (AC),
  • ventilation (FAN),
  • systems filtration and supply of water,
  • intelligent lighting control,
  • wastewater pumping stations,
  • remote controlled gates,
  • blinds,
  • alarms and remote control using a mobile phone (SMS),
  • photovoltaic cells,
  • emergency power supply systems (generators, UPS),

Have an idea for the control system, which is not found in our offer? Write to us! New challenges are not alien to us.