Would you like to make your energy bills were lower? We can help you with this! If on your bill is a charge for reactive energy, you are in the right hands.

We would like to briefly explain what is the energy / reactive power and how it can be compensated.

Reactive power is part of the energy that is not converted into work, and which flows between the receiver and the source of energy. However, it is necessary to do this work and hence the equipment must retrieve it. It is necessary to produce a magnetic field in transformers, induction engines or chokes.

Depending on the type of receivers are distinguished:

  • energy (power) reactive inductive – transformers, induction engines, or chokes;
  • energy (power) reactive capacitive – capacitors, part of cable energized.

Production of reactive energy in the primary source (power generators), brings a lot of adverse effects both for energy suppliers and their customers. Reactive energy flowing through the transmission grid reduces its capacity and increasing power losses. Mainly the recipients, especially industrial recipients, pay for these negative effects. Power stations to minimize losses on the electrical network, sign contracts with customers, in which is determined separately for each receiver value of the tangent of the phase shift – tgα containing often in the range of 0.2 – 0.4. Exceeding this value is equivalent to the accrual of additional charge. Often recipients are not aware of what is the amount of load, or whether in general they are burdened for over contractual limits, because the record on the invoices is unclear. For recipients it is not the only one negative effect of reactive power. Its operation will, among others, active power losses in electrical cables arising from the flow of current passive, reduce the permeability of the network and finally reduction of voltage at points spaced from the power source.

The best solution of this problem is the parallel connection to an induction receiver, a well-chosen capacitor. This will allow to generate the required reactive power within the receiver rather than to transfer the electricity network. Moreover, such work effectively running the performance of other receivers plugged into the electrical network and are more economically exploited. Proper compensation needs careful analysis of measurements of the electrical network in order to select the most favorable device. The most popular and effective form of compensation are capacitors energetic or automatic capacitor banks.

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