Welcome to our website and invite you to familiarize yourself with our offer.

The JANOS company specializes in the execution of orders, which include design, construction , programming and commissioning of automation systems having wide industrial use and individual and service diagnostics and servicing of control systems, as well as CAD design.

  • Do you want to provide supervision and safety in your home or company during your absence?
  • Are you interested in the ability to remotely control various devices using the mobile phone?
  • Do you want to receive automatic SMS information in the event of equipment failure, which you use?
  • You have an idea how should looks the distribution and maintaining temperature in the building to reduce heating costs?
  • Do you want to use the devices, which will work automatically according to assumed scenario and the management of them was easy and intuitive?
  • You are at the stage of construction of the house, headquarters of company, manufacturing plant, etc. and you need to someone who can perform for you electrical system?
  • Do you need to someone who can design and perform for you the Internet network, telephone  network or intercom network?


With us daily functioning becomes a comfortable and pleasant, and you can always have everything under control!